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I have always travelled a lot. I look at fashion in terms of capsule collections to fit into one small suitcase. 

A few good basics and some beautiful accessories are all that’s needed to create many different looks that can go from day-to-night and work-to-play, effortlessly. Here, is my current accessory edit and some of my favourite places that have inspired my collections.

I will be posting a sample "suitcase" for different trips as well as tips on what to see, eat and where to stay!

Start your day at Black Eye Susan’s for breakfast, remember to get there early, the small patio and dining room fill up quickly. Then a short bike ride from town or a quick ride on the local wave shuttle takes you to jetties beach on the calm Nantucket sound.

The water here is crystal clear, shallow and warm. Walk over to the Galley for lunch with the best view. For the more adventurous go to Surfside beach on the Atlantic side of the island and as the name suggests, catch a few waves with the local surfers.

In the afternoon make your way back to town to stroll the many independent boutiques that line the cobbled streets. Walk up Main Street and turn right onto Centre Street for exquisitely curated shops and galleries and the only downtown bakery known locally as Petticoat Row from it’s whaling days when the women ran the island businesses and the men were at sea on whaling expeditions. This is a town rich in history, that has preserved its heritage. To find out more visit the whaling museum just down the street.

Try and see the Nantucket Lightship basket museum while you’re here, home of the intricate Nantucket baskets, a traditional local craft that is so beautiful. 

Shopping along Worth Avenue and in the hidden “vias” that surround it, is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Stop by Trillion at 315 Worth Avenue to see a selection of our jewellery, before heading to Pizza Alfresco, a favourite for a light lunch, or Café Boulud at the Brazilian Court Hotel around the corner.

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