The quality of the gemstone comes first. Each piece is hand picked, and according to its individual characteristics, formed into its predestined shape.

The materials used are all precious and the jewellery is carefully crafted in  British Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Platinum with natural gemstones and rare or fine pearls.

With a family heritage going back four generations in important Gems and Antiques, Barbara’s pearl and gemstone provenance is of the very best. The quality of which is only afforded to jewellers who have established multi-generational ties with the world’s foremost mines and dealers.

Taking it a step further, always wanting to push the boundaries Barbara trained with a master carver in the Orient. During this time, she developed a deep understanding of the qualities and properties of each particular gemstone. This knowledge and passion has culminated in a philosophy of always buying natural raw gemstones which she then gently, thoughtfully and by-hand, cuts through submersion in water and then shapes using high powered water jets.  This is a long and timely process but, importantly, it preserves the stone’s essential energy and individual characteristics. 


The Water Jewels ethos is to always go the extra mile to surprise and please customers and as such, the time and attention dedicated to our craft is also carried through to other facets of our brand. 

From the thoughtful creation of our jewellery, through to its display, our interior decor and the packagaing, no details are overlooked. 

Like the gemstones, our founder Barbara gains a deep knowledge of her collectors and in time they have all become loyal friends of Water Jewels. 


Gems that have taken millions of years to form are often sold in minutes. They are then pulverised and combined with resin, baked in industrial ovens to recreate a  larger quantity of debased stone.  

This has enlightened Barbara's work; raising awareness of the need to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of each stone and treat it with respect as precious and finite. 
We use natural gems and to this day, most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited editions.
We are mindful of over mining and believe in producing quality over quantity and pay particular attention to the provenance of our Gems and Pearls.

All of our pieces are crafted with longevity in mind. With our timeless designs and the quality of our materials we strive to create much-loved heirlooms.

All of our gems are sourced from a trusted list of suppliers who share our core values. 

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