Gemstone Rings: The Birth of Water Jewels

June 21, 2020

Water Jewels began with a collection of ten Gemstone Rings in 1998 and it is because of this, that Rings have always been a favourite of our founder and designer, Barbara Harris.
Our gallery in London has always felt like somewhat of a treasure chest – with intriguing designs and rare Gemstones at every turn. However, visitors always inevitably end up at our Ring tray, pondering over our range of Gemstone Rings.
Gemstone Ring Tray
Why the fuss? Our founder, Barbara’s, well-honed and intuitive understanding of the connection between Gemstone and the wearer leads her to create tactile and beautiful pieces that are more than just adornments. Jewellery is unique to each and every one of us – introducing us, before we’ve even spoken – and as such, each piece that we wear should pay homage to our individuality. Having always worked with the highest quality of Gemstones, each raw stone that we use, has a truly unique hue and composition, which naturally lends itself to one-off pieces.
The organic way in which we carve our stones is also exclusive to our brand as a London-based jeweller, using high-pressure water jets to gently carve the stones into their final design.  This is a long and timely process but, importantly, it preserves the stone’s essential energy and individual characteristics. The result? A diverse range of exclusive Gemstone Rings, each waiting to select its rightful owner.
We are honoured to feature in Carol Woolton’s recently published book, “The New Stone Age”, find us on page 37. Woolton is a jewellery historian, stylist and has been the jewellery editor at British Vogue for twenty years. In The New Stone Age, she recounts her own purchase at Water Jewels and the experience she had wearing our Himalayan Rock Crystal ring.  Her story may surprise you!
Carol Woolton
Having always envisaged our online world as an extension of our in-store experience, we’ve decided to share a selection of some of our favourite Gemstone Rings below... 
1. Aquamarine Butterfly Ring with inlaid Mother of Pearl details, backed with hand- hammered 18K yellow gold 
Aquamarine Butterfly Gemstone Ring
This polished raw Aquamarine is inlaid with Tahitian Mother of Pearl and carved using high pressure water jets into a  butterfly. It is very comfortable to wear and redefines the contemporary statement ring.

Backed with 18K White Gold.


2. Prehnite Wave Crest Ring Wave Crest Ring, backed with sterling silver

Prehnite Gemstone Ring


This Prehnite is Rutilated with Black Tourmaline with hand hammered Sterling Silver backing. 


The style is called Wave Crest as it was carved to look like the top of ocean waves cresting. 


3. Chalcedony Rose Ring, backed with 18K white gold
Chalcedony Rose Ring


The rose ring is hand carved from a single piece of Chalcedony using high pressure water jets to create a sculptural and tactile feel.

Chalcedony promotes creativity and has a strong protective and nurturing energy.

Backed with hand hammered 18K White Gold.


4. Amethyst Pagoda Ring, backed with 18K white gold 

Amethyst Pagoda Ring


This beautiful ring carved from a single piece of Amethyst is inspired by the design of traditional Pagodas.

Backed with hand hammered 18K White Gold.


5. Chalcedony Druzy Ring, backed with 18K yellow gold

Chalcedony Druzy Ring 


This ring is gently carved using high pressure water jets to enhance and showcase the natural beauty of the gem.

Backed with hand hammered 18K Yellow Gold.


6. Amethyst & Mother of Pearl Orb Ring (no backing)
Amethyst & Mother of Pearl Orb Ring


Carved from a solid Amethyst gemstone using high pressure water jets, this tactile and sculptural ring is inlaid with Tahitian Mother of Pearl. 

Not backed.

Blue Chalcedony Fish Ring

The rarest of the Chalcedonies. Natural soft blue, carved using high pressure water jets to sculpt a beautiful fish, symbol of harmony. Inlaid with Tahitian Mother of Pearl.

Blue Chalcedony has a strong energy, promotes kindness and has strong protective qualities. Suits the creatives.


8. Chalcedony Square Cushion Ring, backed with 925 silver
Chalcedony Square Cushion Ring


This is one of our most popular shapes, it looks beautiful on the hand and is extremely comfortable to wear. 

Chalcedony is the stone of creativity, new ideas and at the same time is very protective. 

Backed with hand hammered Sterling Silver.

  9. Rhodochrosite and Peruvian Pink Opal Portrait Ring, backed with sterling silver
Rhodochrosite and Peruvian Pink Opal Portrait Ring



Our Rhodochrosite gemstone ring has a Peruvian Pink Opal base and is backed with Sterling Silver. 

The style is called the portrait ring inspired by cameos, traditionally depicting a story or portrait in an oval frame. The portrait and the story are the natural magical veining within the stones surface. Layers of sediment petrified into gemstone over millions of years to create patterns as individual as fingerprints never twice reproduced. 


For a larger selection please view our collection of gemstone rings here, exclusively available to our online world.

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